My Christmas Wish List

WishList collage done

Good morning, good morning! We are getting closer and closer to Christmas (¡yey!), so I thought it was about time to work on my wish list. There are a few things that I would absolutely love and wanted to put them together, so I can give my loved ones some ideas and decide which of them is going to be my gift for me 🙂  I always buy something for myself, because I like to celebrate everything that the year has meant for me: the lessons, the laughter, the happiness, and the simple fact of being alive.

This year I remembered my love for Disney, so it comes as no surprise that half of the things on my wish list have something to do with Disney. I apologize for that (no, actually I don’t).

Hope you like my wish list and I would love to know what you are wishing to receive this holiday season!

A big hug and happy Wednesday!


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My Warehouse Closet Part 1

Warehouse Collage english

I’m not a shopaholic, but I do love clothes. I wasn’t born loving it, though. It was a looong process. During my teenage years, I was very lazy in regards to fashion. I only wore what people gave me on birthdays or Christmas and I never went to a mall or specific shop to buy garments. I surely did not understand the passion some felt towards buying nice things; maybe I thought it was shallow, and I did not want to be like that!

I had to grow a little older to realize that wearing clothes I love and made me feel good about myself did not mean I was superficial. On the contrary, now I see it as a way of expressing who we are and caring about ourselves, because when you look for clothes and accessories that make you feel beautiful, inspired and in love with who you are… well, that’s really the best.

It’s not about “having to look perfect”, no, no, no. It’s about having fun mixing and matching and choosing how you want to present yourself to the world on that particular day.

There’s one shop that I feel represents very well what I want to express through my way of dressing and I wanted to talk to you about it today.

I can finally answer that question of “what is your favorite place to buy clothes”!

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Why I Loved (and hated) Gone Girl

GG english

Good morning, good morning!! Today is a very special day, because my best friend on the blogging world, Ale Toro, is here as a guest in Popzest! 🙂

It all started when I read that she had loved the film adaptation of Gone Girl, while I thought it was terribly disturbing.

That’s why now you will be able to read both of our points of view so we can share opinions and so that you can have a super complete review!

I would also love for you to tell me what did YOU think of the book and/or movie!!

A big hug from Ale and Andrea, and happy Tuesday 🙂

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Choose To Be Happy, Today!

Foto Video

Good morning, good morning! Today I wanted to write about a subject that I love: happiness.

There are people who believe that it is something so mysterious or fleeting, but I like to sit down with her and have a chat 🙂

Besides, everyone wants to be happy, right? However, few actually are. I see people around me and it is hard for me to find the ones that are genuinely happy. What’s normal is for people to consider themselves happy when their life is going well: when there is health, a partner, children, a stable job or any other thing that it’s considered to be a requirement for being happy. But when something goes wrong, happiness slips away like water in open hands.

I also see people who seem to have it all: the job, the house, the money, the trips, the clothes…, but they do not seem happy. I can hear them complaining, want more, criticize, and carry in their faces lines of worries instead of that wonderful glow that happiness brings with it.

What is happiness? Why people who should be happy are not? What guarantees being happy? What destroys it?

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How To Fix a Tunneled Candle

Candle Intro ENGLISH

Last week I decided to give myself a gift and I chose this wonderful lavander scented candle. It’s from Germany, the smell is incredible, I was happy and all was well in the world until it began burning… and forming a tunnel!!

Argh, I was so frustrated. I’ve already lost beautiful, wonderful smelling candles due to this annoying problem. You know what I’m talking about, right? The candles that burn just in the middle, forming a tiny hole of light with walls of wax around it. I’ll show you a picture, just in case.


So, I started searching the web for a solution and came across a tip that seemed a little to simple to be true. But still, I decided to give it a try.

And guess what? It works! And then I wanted to share this amazing little bit of information with you, so you can help your candles to burn just right 🙂

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5 Ways You Are Already Creative

Mandala 1 Final English

When I was a teen I did not consider myself to be a creative person. In art class I was a FIASCO (I will never forget one time when the teacher, who was sweet as honey, came to me, saw what I was working on and said: “Mm, that looks… interesting…”). I never found it easy to work with my hands; drawing, clay, Plasticine… pff, not even my writing is esthetically pretty. That is why I always thought of me as an “uncreative person”.

But over time, I realized that I did not need to draw beautiful images in order to be creative. Creativity has a thousand and one ways of expressing itself, because the truth is that EVERYONE is creative. Creativity is not limited to the artist that paints masterpieces, the sculptor, the famous writer or the pop star that sells millions of albums. The human being is, in its core, creative.

When I realized this my mind was blown away. I could finally think of myself as creative! But… how? Every person has a particular way of expressing his or her creativity and there is no one better or worse than the other. My sister is creative in the healthy recipes she makes up, I love Ale’s creativity from elblogdealerecargada which she uses to decorate her notebooks (like this one) and the one that Makita Donoso expresses through her delicious smoothies (I’m dying to try this one in particular). I feel creative writing in this blog, creating stores, singing and painting mandalas.

I started thinking, and I also realized that there are things that we do every day that are already creative. We may not really think about them, we might even believe we are lacking in creativity, but that is not the case! I list here 5 ways in which we are already being creative on a daily basis.

I would love to know how you express creativity!!

A big hug and happy wednesday!!


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